Bungee / Climbing Wall / Mountain Tubing

Bungee / Climbing Wall / Mountain Tubing

bryce resort rock climbing

Want to make your insides go topsy/turvy?  Try our Euro-Bungee.  Participants are secured in a harness which is attached to giant rubber bands.  Start bouncing on the trampoline as our Bryce crew tightens the bands until you are flying high in the air!  Execute forward and backward somersaults until you are dizzy with laughter. Fun for all ages four and above

So you think you're a mountain climber.  Before heading off to a real rocky peak, try scaling our 24 foot rock wall in a safe environment!  All mountaineers are strapped into a harness attached to a tension rigged cable/pulley system, so if you should lose your grip, you will be delivered softly down to the ground.  Up to three people at a time can make the ascent.  Challenge your friends to see who can ring the buzzer first!

Bryce Resort is offering exciting mountain tubing rides that will thrill visitors during the summer season. The Italian-made Neveplast system offers waterless tubing on special gliding mats that create the same sensation as snow tubing but without the snow! AND, because it's waterless, there's no need to worry about changing clothes before or after. Just come as you are! Pretty soon you and your entire family, young and old alike, will be shouting "we're having fun on the tubing run." The run is 340 feet long.

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation May 28/29 & June 14 - September 4, 2011

Mornings Evenings
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm






Prices May 28/29 & June 14 - September 4, 2011

Activities are available to all participants four years and older.

Mountain Tubing...$12

Climbing Wall or Euro-Bungee...$8

Climbing Wall & Euro-Bungee...$15

Climbing Wall, Euro-Bungee, & Mountain Tubing...$25

Group Rates

During the scheduled hours of mountain tubing, a group rate will be offered for 15 or more persons. Also, we are offering on weekdays and weekends mountain tubing parties for adults, children, and families. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-821-1444 or 540 856-2121, ext 229

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